Member Needs Help

As a local manufacturer you can access the Member Needs Help service of the Quinte Manufactures Association. This no fee service allows you to anonymously post a question to your fellow manufactures. This can be on a wide range of issues from policies and procedures to identifying potential suppliers to finding another manufacturer that may be able to test your product if your test equipment goes down. Contact the MRC with your request and we will send it out.


These are reports from projects conducted in the Quinte Region by the Quinte Economic Development Commission:

Following is a list presentations for conferences, workshops and other events of interest to manufacturers:

2014 Tri-Association Conference – Building Towards Tomorrow on Today’s Foundation

2013 Tri-Association Conference – Gaining The Edge By Unlocking Your Potential

2012 Tri-Association Conference – Your Journey. Who’s on it? Who’s Leading It?

Workforce development initiatives


If you have an upcoming training need and would like to see who else may be interested in participating in the course please contact the MRC. We can circulate the request to see if there are other manufacturers who would also participate in the course. This is a great way to run courses when each company may not have the critical mass to run a course.

If you are organizing a training event and you have extra space available please consider offering it to other local manufacturers. All you have to do is contact the MRC who can then notify other manufacturers to gauge their interest.

Buy & Sell

If you are a local manufacturer looking to dispose of excess equipment and other materials that may be of use to other manufacturers please contact the MRC and we will send it out as part of the MRC email updates. Please provide the following information:

  • A description of the item
  • A picture of the item
  • When it is needs to be removed from your facility (if this is a time sensitive matter)
  • Price if you have determined this otherwise will be shown as negotiable
  • Contact information at your facility